Our Services

  • Business to Business Delivery Service (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer Delivery Service (B2C)
  • Individual to Individual Delivery Service
  • (In-City) Same Day Delivery Service
  • Invitation Cards & Gifts Distribution
  • Banks Cards Delivery Service
  • Insurance Cards Delivery Service

Rules and Procedures for Compensation in the Event of Damage or Loss of Shipments

Compensation Policy Without Insurance Service:
  • CLEX liability for each lost or damaged shipment is limited to the value of the shipment according to its purchase invoice and not to the (market selling price), with a maximum of 500 riyals for each lost or damaged shipment.
  • CLEX is not liable for damages occurred to the shipment due to poor packaging.
  • CLEX shall not be liable for indirect, special incidental, or consequential damages, such as loss of profit.
  • Compensation Policy with Insurance Service:
  • CLEX has an insurance service for shipments, where the sender requests insurance on the sent shipment in exchange for payment of 4% of the value of the sent goods (according to the purchase invoice), and CLEX will bear the full value of the sent goods (according to the purchase invoice) In case of loss or damage.
  • Rules and Procedures of Handling Undelivered Shipments

  • Each shipped shipment will be attempted for delivery for three consecutive days. Failing to deliver the shipment within the three delivery attempts would results in shipment being processed for return according to the agreement between CLEX and the shipper.
  • It is possible to keep the shipments for a certain period of time in our warehouse after the completion of all delivery attempts, which enables the final customer to obtain his shipment if he asked about it through the toll-free number or any other available channels, so he can reschedule the delivery of his shipment (according to the agreement with the sender).
  • It is possible to return the shipments directly upon completion of all delivery attempts (according to the agreement with the sender).
  • Rules and Procedures of Handling Customer Return Service
  • Customer’s Return Service is for shipments that previously delivered to consignees who then wanted to return their shipments back to shippers, CLEX will charge fixed amount per shipment (as per agreement with shipper), regardless of its origin and within the maximum acceptable weight limit.
  • CLEX will not collect any shipment from any consignee unless the shipper created (issued) return Airway Bill for him.
  • Consignee should ensure that the order is properly packed before handing it over to CLEX representative.
  • CLEX ground courier has the right to reject the pickup from the consignee if the shipment isn’t properly packed.
  • Consignee has the right to take a proof of receipt signed by CLEX representative, but he should provide a printed RTRN AWB, so CLEX representative can sign on it.
  • CLEX will consider the number of packages that will be handed over by the consignee not the number of items.
  • CLEX will not be accountable on shipment’s contents; they will deliver it to the shipper in same condition they received from the consignee.
  • Rules and Procedures of Handling Receiver’s Addresses or Contact Numbers
  • We have flexibility in dealing with our valued customers regarding the request to amend the address or the contact number of the consignees, where the online store or the sending company sends a request to amend the address or the contact number of the sent parcel before it is being delivered, through all channels available on CLEX website or by communicating with the account manager of the sending company.
  • CLEX team is handling and resolving all such cases within 24 hours and the service is free of charges